The Most Productive Methods to Unclog Your Drains

Learn how to quickly and effectively get things flowing again – solutions for every drain in your home!


Unclogging products tend to be everyone’s go-to for clogged drains, but did you know these solutions are hazardous and can end up costing you more in the long run? Although chemical solutions seem to work well initially, there are numerous side-effects. For instance, chemical drain solutions can actually damage your septic pipes. They can even cause chemical reactions to occur within your piping, creating a breathing hazard in your home. Instead of grabbing chemicals, try one of these unclogging solutions instead!


Wash and plunge: The kitchen

Because harsh chemicals can also damage your garbage disposal, opt for a safer solution. Simply clean out as much excess food and water as possible and run hot water with grease-cutting soap to clear your pipes. If this is ineffective, try plunging your drain to move any blockages within your piping. Then repeat the process.


Plunge, flush, and loosen: The bathroom tub and sinks

Because hair is the most common reason for tub and sink blockages in bathrooms, investing in a hair-trapping device could save you the hassle of having to unclog these drains. If you try this and are still experiencing clogged pipes, try plunging and then flushing the pipes with hot water to encourage the breaking down of large plugs and air pockets. If this is ineffective, you can always try using what is called a snake or hand-spinner to loosen things up and completely remove pesky plugs.


Plunge and loosen: The toilet

As long as you’re flushing only toilet paper and #1 & #2, your toilet shouldn’t have any clogging issues. However, if you’re over-using toilet paper or find that your toilet simply isn’t flushing as it should, try plunging it first. If that doesn’t work, then attempt to loosen things up using a snake or hand-spinner. DO NOT try to flush your toilet with hot water, as this can cause porcelain to shatter or crack!


If the above tips haven’t resolved your drain problems, it may be time to call a professional. Contact Pickle Septic Tank & Plumbing! We would be happy to help!
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