Signs That Your Septic Tank Is Full

One of the least considered parts of a building is the septic system, and sadly, we all ignore it like it is meant to take care of itself and last forever. When in truth, the septic tank is not a bottomless abyss. For the homeowners who have had to contend with a clogged septic tank, they know how terrible the experience can be. And you certainly don’t want to be in their shoes.

The reality is that; you are constantly filling your septic tanks and sooner or later, you will realize that you need to empty it. Like most people, the major challenge for you will then be knowing when to actually empty your septic tanks. But since we know for a fact that no one wants to go through the horrifying experience of sewage back up or worse have to deal with the smell of an overflowing septic tank, we’ve thoughtfully curated a list of tell-tale signs that will help you confirm your suspicion of a full tank.

Slow drains

When water begins to drain slowly in your home, it could just be as a result of a clog. However, if they remain slow even after unclogging measures, then the system might be full and might need to be attended to.

Bad Odors

When your septic tank gets filled up, the odor-causing gases have nowhere to go and can end up coming out from your drains. We all need to understand that, the septic system doesn’t just collect wastewater, but also collects gray water that comes from showering, washing dishes, doing laundry, and other domestic activities. Consequently, the moment you start to notice strange and offensive odors around you, it could be an indication that your septic system is full and needs to be drained.


When your septic tank reaches capacity, solid waste can clog the drain-field piping system and force wastewater to the surface. So the moment you begin to notice water pooling around your septic tank probably after rainfall or even just on random days, this could be a sure sign that your septic system is overflowing. You should pump your system once you begin to notice this.

An overly healthy lawn

The grass over your septic system should not be too different from those on the rest of your lawn. The moment the grass over your septic system begins to look overly lush and green, it could be a sure sign that your septic system is leaching liquids and needs to be pumped or checked.

Sewage backing up

For most people, this is the most obvious tip, if not the most annoying. Because a sewer backup is a sure sign that your tank is full. When this occurs, do not try to clean the mess up yourself. The best option is to call a professional the moment you notice this. But why wait till this happens?!

A septic system is a wonderful green choice that can help you save on local sewer charges that would normally appear on your tax bills. So it’s important not to overload your septic system, by having it checked routinely.

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