Septic System Inspection: How to Ace It

Upcoming septic system inspection? Learn how to prep your system and pass.


Septic tanks do so much for us on a daily basis. Oftentimes, we rely on them to do too much, and this can cause big problems, particularly if the system is not maintained. State health professionals emphasize the importance of regular septic system inspection, which is why this process is included in every home inspection prior to the sale. Passing this test is of utmost importance, particularly for home owners who are trying to sell, as a faulty septic system could make or break the sale of your home! If you’re thinking about selling your home sometime in the future, prepare for a septic system inspection by doing the following.


Install an effluent filter


To prevent costly maintenance and protect both your property value and your family’s health, the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) recommends you install an effluent filter (with an alarm) in your septic tank. It may seem unnecessary, but this filter will notify you when your system needs to be checked, which could save you a lot of money and hassle long-term.


Know the warning signs of a septic problem


Is your system showing symptoms of a problem? Are you unsure how to tell? Here are some of the warning signs you should be on the lookout for. Make sure you get your system serviced if:

  • Drains are having a hard (slow) time draining
  • Drains are making gurgling sounds
  • System is giving off foul odors
  • Lawn has wet spots


Adhere to septic system do’s and don’ts


How well you care for your septic system will determine how well it performs. Many people mistakenly think that their septic system is tough, but in reality, septic systems are sensitive. Consider carefully what you put down your drains! Click here to download a full list (courtesy of the Environmental Protection Agency) of septic system do’s and don’ts.


Service your system regularly


The best way to prepare for a septic system inspection is to have your system serviced and pumped regularly by a qualified, experienced septic system expert. Plumbing and septic experts know the ins and outs of systems far better than you and can help with everything from backed up septic tanks to tank cleaning and repairs. Just like visiting the dentist on a regular basis motivates you to brush your teeth more regularly, having an experienced and qualified professional inspect your septic tank regularly makes you more likely to practice good septic “hygiene” on a regular basis. It also ensures you haven’t overlooked anything, which could be a costly and embarrassing mistake, particularly if you are selling your home.


Care for your septic system as you should and it will work as it should! Call Pickle Septic at 205-631-9423 to help you adequately prepare for your septic inspection and pass!

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