Conserve Water and Protect Your Septic Tank

Environmental activists have always campaigned for the need to conserve water in order to protect the environment, the truth is; conserving water does not only help to protect the environment, but it also helps to protect your septic system. The following are some simple ways to conserve water and protect your system after septic installation.

Take shorter showers

There are a lot of us who spend more time in the shower than necessary. There are a lot of people who spend 15, 20 and even 30 minutes in the shower and end up wasting more water than absolutely necessary. In a bid to reduce this, some school of thought is of the opinion that using a timer is an effective way to cut down on shower times. It is okay to occasionally have long showers but doing that regularly will increase the chances of your septic tank getting easily filled.

Check your plumbing system for leaks

Leaving any form of a leak around the house unattended to can lead to a lot of wastewater being generated which can find its way into the septic tank. A dripping faucet can cause you to waste gallons of water every day. Leaks should be fixed as soon as they are discovered in order to prevent water wastage or any form of major issue with the septic system.

Use the dishwater and washing machine less frequently

It is very important that you try as much as you can to limit the quantity of water that your washing machine and dishwater uses if you have the intention of conserving water. You should spread batches over the week rather than doing several in one day. This gives solids and grease particles time to separate properly in the tank while also allowing the absorption area to keep pace with the volume of wastewater flowing in.

Curb outdoor water waste

Some are of the opinion that since water used outside the building doesn’t end up in the septic tank then they shouldn’t have any form of problem. The truth is; such water can oversaturate the absorption area and make it difficult for the septic system to properly treat and drain your home’s wastewater.

Sweep driveways and sidewalks instead of hosing them off

There is nothing wrong with wanting our driveway and sidewalk to look clean, but you don’t need to hose them down every few days. By simply using a broom to sweep dirt and dust off paved surfaces, you can maintain them just fine and save water in the process.


Although every household should take measures to save water, those relying on a septic system need to do it to avoid putting a strain on their water supply, overloading their septic tank and drain field. Conserving water is a major way to protect your septic system as most of the wastewater generated in the house generally ends up in the septic tank. And if not properly managed they can easily clog the system which will lead to you spending more money on them that you could have easily avoided.

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